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Abstract – Perspective approach for creation of microwave over broadband noise oscillation sources is discussed.

I.  Introduction

Sources of broadband or overbroadband noise oscillations are required for diagnostics of the various electronic devices. Creation of such sources is very important but non-trivial and difficult problem. We suppose that using of the deterministic chaos is more perspective way in order to solve this problem. The solution looks thereby. Signals are generated on a mixer from two autooscillators. One generator has fixed frequency of generation. The second is frequency-modulated by a signal of the low-frequency chaotic source in specified interval. On the mixer output we possess the signal overlaying frequency range from zero to several GHz.

II.  Main Part

The low-frequency noise generator represents the dynamic system, which engineering supposed to realize both chaotic behavior of output signal within the wide

Рис. 1. Залежність величини власної добротності коливання НЦО від величини тангенса кута втрат в діелектрику.

Fig. 1. H110-mode Q-factor dependence on magnitude loss tangent angle in a dielectric

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